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(A presentation paper written with our partner, Ida Zuraida originally; left as such; available also at http://repository.widyatama.ac.id/xmlui/handle/123456789/1363?show=full or directly here http://repository.widyatama.ac.id/xmlui/bitstream/handle/123456789/1363/content.pdf?sequence=1) Introduction English is now a global language shared by people all over the world, the existence of which, by definition, can no longer be rendered to any one nation […]

Teaching Our Very Own English: Ideas on Making It Not ...

(A presentation paper originally; by one NEB; left as such) Introduction Teaching students English should result in the students’ being able to use the language to express themselves. Being able here should be taken to mean that not only can the students use the language to communicate with other people […]

Teaching Grammar and Topics Integratedly Revisited: An Alternative for Tomorrow’s ...

(A popular article; by one NEB) Reading is undoubtedly an activity that will open one’s mind about the outside world. This is true of both adults and children. Adults, especially those studying at college, read mainly because they are assigned to do so, as part of writing a report or […]

Free Voluntary Reading Activities

(A research-based presentation paper originally; by one NEB; left as such) Background In daily life, it is not always the case that parties involved in a conversational  exchange will always cooperate, that is, adhere to what is termed “cooperative principle” (Grice 1975 in Yule 1996). There are apparently various reasons […]

Degrees of Understanding of Verbal Fun Exhibited in Romantic Comedies

(An article; by one NEB) Watching television is now a routine that has become part of almost every family’s life. Though, based on age and interest, different members of the family have their own favorite program, one thing that is certain is that they spend a number of hours weekly […]

Television Does not Dictate Viewers; It Lets Them Choose

(A presentation paper originally and so left as such; by one NEB; together with our partner, Muhammad Handi Gunawan, later published in Jurnal Dinamika of FKIP of UNSUR, the abstract of which is available here http://fkip.unsur.ac.id/jurnal/jurnal%20dinamika/files/ENHANCING%20LEARNERS.pdf) Background It may be argued that classroom teaching-learning practices have not yet optimally enabled […]

Enhancing Learners’ Critical Thinking Skills through Argumentative Essay Writing