Going on A Date Is The Worst Possible Way For Expressing Love

(An argumentative essay; a student’s work; written by Wuddan Nadhirah Rodiana)

Being an adolescent in this era is difficult although there are good sides from becoming an adolescent in this modern era. There are also many temptations which can bring us to the bad sides. The problem of an adolescent today usually lies in education and social life. Actually, the problem that an adolescent usually has is about the social relationship. The big thing usually disturbing is about love. Actually, love is an abstract thing that we don’t know exactly about the meaning, but we can feel it. Many adolescents express their love too early in many ways. Love in adolescents becomes one of the important things. Many of them choose to express it to people whom they love. They are not mature enough to get married, because to get married, they understand that they must have a lot of preparation. If they don’t have enough preparation for marriage, it will become a bad marriage someday because of the unpreparedness of marriage. Adolescents who want to express their love finally choose dating for solution. Dating becomes a famous thing in this modern era. There are just a small number of adolescents who don’t choose dating for the way to express their love. Dating is possible and easy to do. Some people who have strong religious belief say that dating is forbidden although there’s no written rule to explain that. Dating can bring the adolescents to commit immoral acts. Besides that, going on a date will give a temptation for them to do some immoral activities in violation of God’s law. I agree with that opinion, because the best and the truest law is God’s. We can also say that dating will give bad impacts for our life. So, going on a date is the worst possible way to express love.

To start with, going on a date gives bad impacts on efforts to get bright future. By going on a date it can hamper our efforts to do the best to reach a bright future. In the future there will be many problems that come more often and more complicated than now. Going on a date gives bad impacts on deciding about priority. Priority is one of important thing to manage our life from now. The priority can be in disorder because we just think about date. Besides that, education is left behind. Going on a date can make our attention focus on our partner. It can ruin our good achievement in study. That will also disturb social and psychological life. People who go on a date usually become a little insane because of love. They usually do useless things, while there’s so much to do than just thinking about our partner. It will also cost much money for that. Going on a date we usually spend much money just for useless things such as buying flowers, taking her home, going to movies, etc. They are useless things, while we can save the money for our future whose benefits will be well-accumulated. Remember that time is money. We also usually spend much time for useless things such as going on a date. We can do many useful, creative, innovative things than just date.

Secondly, going on a date will raise the possibility of incidents. Going on a date is usually done between just two people. That will make the atmosphere full of passion. Just like our Prophet’s words, if there’s a man and there’s a woman being together, the third party must be a satan or devil. That means that going on a date will give a big temptation to do something immoral, in this case let’s say raping. The temptation of raping is very easy to come when a man and a woman go together, especially on a date. Besides that, the next bad impact of going on a date is MBA (Married By Accident). The woman can be pregnant before the marriage because of the sexual encounter. This accident mostly happens in this era. We can take a look at the survey that was held on Saturday, 20 December 2008. The result showed that 63% of respondents from Junior High School and Senior High School in our country have had sexual activities for several reasons, such as expression of love (38%),  partner’s insistence (27%), suitability with modern life (20,5%), test of sexual ability (10%), solution to stress (6%), and many more. The next bad impact of that is that there’s also a possibility of raised number of sexual diseases. People who like to change partners will easily get sexual diseases, such as AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), Gonorrhea, Syphilis, etc. Besides that, there’s also a possibility to kill ourselves because of the problems that come from the dating relationship. If we don’t have a good knowledge about religion, dating can easily to kill ourselves because of broken heart. There is also a bad activity that may be done by someone who is stressed with dating problems. The activity is drug abuse. Some bad people think that this is the good choice to relax their mind while they have an un-finished problem. It’s possible to do by someone who is broken hearted.

Thirdly, going on a date can change the nature of relationship between people related to us. This is another problem of going on a date seen by physiologist and from social sides. Going on a date can make our friends that used to be close with us avoid us. That will make the circle of friends become small. Besides that, family is also disturbed because the priority is for our partner but there’s no attention given to our family. The true people that will help us first and teach us from zero are our family. Our friends can also be mad because we just pay attention only to our partner and our friends are bored to listen to our story just talking about our partner.

Although going on a date has a lot of bad sides, some people believe that this also has a good sides. Dating can boost our spirit for studying. That is because going on a date with someone can make us want to study hard for being good in front of our partner. Going on a date can also make us keep on good efforts to be better than our partner. Besides that, dating can also give an experience, so we will have experience before marriage. Dating is good to get some experience in keep our partner. Dating can also make us solve many problems that will come someday in our marriage life.

Every problem has a solution. In this era, adolescents need to express love, but the bad impact of dating in this era is too much. Some people think that it will boost our spirit. So, for the solution, adolescents can love each other, but with rules. Most of the rules are in our Quran. Adolescents who love each other are forbidden to go to some place without family or friends with us. Adolescents who want to express their love can choose another way: just keep the love and do the best for someone whom we love. Remember that the true relationship comes in the future in marriage.

So, it has already been clear why going on a date is the worst possible way to express love. With rules of conduct. We can trust God for our partner in marriage. Just be calm if we don’t get it now, but then with someone and the true love in marriage. If we have a good relationship in marriage it will be very excellent because it won’t violate God’s rule any more.

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