Performing Higher-Order Thinking Language Functions Questioning “The Big Bang” Dominating Theory of The Origin of The Universe

(Students should be able not only to generally speak English socializing and conversing but also to specifically express themselves performing higher-order thinking language functions giving opinions, reasoning for them, giving examples, defending their stance, attacking others’ ideas, winning their own ideas over others’, and so on; the following is an example of conversation with our partner, Muhammad Farid Hardigaluh to show just that)

This dialog was electronically sent to NASA and notified as “EMail Submission Your suggestion has been successfully transmitted WMAP Public Web Site Email From: Ferry Antoni Subject: Our chat on the possible flaws of “The Big Bang” theory”; this sparked quite a series of email exchanges with the related NASA people. It reads as follows:

Fefey Lia believes that “The Big Bang” theory devised to explain the origin of the universe has huge flaws that have not been discussed.

This theory explains the origin of only the solid heavenly bodies of the universe such as planets, stars, and the likes and fails to reveal the coming-into-being of the universe itself (read: the “space”) where the bang supposedly occurred. And so does that suggest that the universe (the “space”) was there already by itself, going unexplained as to how it came into being?

By forwarding that question I mean to say that “The Big Bang” theory is partial and not comprehensive to explain the creation of the entire universe. From Physics we know that every mass or matter occupies space and time.

If a theory is really to explain the origin of the universe (the “space” first, then its objects), the said 3 aspects must be covered in the theory to be formulated. If it explains the origin of only one aspect—in this case the space objects (“mass” or “matter”) minus the “space” and “time” like “The Big Bang” theory does, we know that the theory has its weaknesses and so we have to revise or replace it asap!

Muhammad Farid Hardigaluh apparently, science is merely too young to understand the mysteries shrouding the universe. By the way, scientists are trying to concoct a theory named GUT, Grand Universal Theory. So universal is this theory that it cn explain the unexplainable; cenaaah eta oge

Fefey Lia says yeah rite, (named) after Universal Grammar, Universal Soldiers, etc. Can they be more creative inventing names that are not only original but also convincing? Btw, so, tell me. What does this GUT say about the creation of the universe (read: not only the heavenly bodies but also the space in which they are)?

Muhammad Farid Hardigaluh In my defence, i would say that my elaborating GUT would seem like an elementary school first grader explaining absolute construction hehehe. But i know a lil bit about big bang (read Mr. Hawking’s The Brief History of Time myself quite a few times); Universe started its life as a very dense “thing”. At a certain point, it exploded and started expanding. Scientists believe that time and space respectively started and created at the time of explosion. Therefore, it was “nothingness” prior to the explosion. Another thing, it’s widely held that the universe has stopped expanding and started shrinking. One day, the universe will get back to its initial state: nothingness.

Muhammad Farid Hardigaluh made an enormous mistake. The letter U in GUT is unified, nt universal. there’s a “sicker” theory, TOE; Theory Of Everything. Really, dint make it up 😀

Fefey Lia says and I quote “Universe started its life as a very dense “thing”. At a certain point, it exploded and started expanding. Scientists believe that time and space respectively started and created at the time of explosion.”

Now THAT is exactly how these “scientists” are crazy as they make no sense in what they say: they talk about the creation of the universe and they say it began as a dense “thing”. How can they call it creation when there was a “thing” already? And then, back to the idea of matter, space, and time, this so-called “thing” explosion happened in a space too. Now the space was there already?

These guys are sick! Instead of embracing a religion teaching them to believe in God’s creating the universe, they resort to wanting to be called “scientists” inventing ideas of their own on how it was created (or rather, in this case, mah, could have happened as they think it!). Hehe. Some statement, huh?

Fefey Lia adds and what’s saddening, pal, is the fact that despite the theory being tentative and subject to wrongness and therefore modification, it has always been exposed, sold, enforced, forced, etc. the world over through their power and media, without any other alternative parallel theory being able to contend it and standing a chance to be heard, tested, and equally adopted. Now THIS is not being objective and open-minded as scientific attitudes actually require. Wouldn’t you agree? A BIG no, I presume (mode on: ga mau PD dan GR!)

Muhammad Farid Hardigaluh science n religion dnt really get along, do they? that explains why many scientists r either atheists or heretics.

nw about space n time before the explosion. i think those guys tend to say that science cant grasp beyond that point; ngeles that is 😀

Moreover, theoretical physics sometimes merely verifies a postulate without any assurance that the postulate is doable.

Take time travel for instance. Theoretical physics verifies that time travel may as well be possible. but there’s a thing called grandfather paradox; say you time travel to 1920. you find one of direct ancestors and kill him/her. how cn you possibly come into being if ur ancestor had gotten killed?

I really think that theoretical physics is solely a tool for those guys to quench their curiosity without their caring if their theories make sense or not

Fefey Lia says and I quote “nw about space n time before the explosion. i think those guys tend to say that science cant grasp beyond that point; ngeles …that is :D” I say: Exactly. They admit this. And this is exactly my point. The theory is partial, not comprehensive or holistic to explain the coming-into-being of the universe (read: all its matter and the SPACE where it is).

I say, we are in an immediate need of an alternative theory to replace that. Care to join me in the attempt, say, beginning with coining a good name for it and God knows what can happen next? I mean, imagine two people who usually talk bout the odds of grammar now join forces together to go beyond their routines now talking about something much more serious that the world needs to hear? Wow!

Muhammad Farid Hardigaluh ?@fey: thats a big WOW. ive been perplexed by tons of questions concerning the universe. we will surely converse on this topic later on, bud!!

Fefey Lia says good. Now THAT’s my buddy. I see the spirit (read: roh halus hehe) now 😉

Muhammad Farid Hardigaluh Remember mon ami, big bang is one of the-beginning-of-the-universe theories. there r some others. i concur, all of which are subject to debates n controversies, even replacement

Fefey Lia says well that’s good to hear then ya. I say time has now come for us to give our very own version (read: say) of the theory. The problem is: given the fact that we hold and control only our idea but not the power and media to spread it, do we (or better will we) have a chance of being listened to? THIS is what I fear. A good theory is no good without good power and good media to expose it good 🙁

Fefey Lia says I will contact Harun Yahya (I take it you know the guy) and see if he is willing to join forces with us or us with him. You know three (instead of two) heads are better than one; only too many cooks spoil the broth rite? 🙂

Fefey Lia wonders: he (the guy) is still around, that is, alive, isn’t he? Hopefully I’m rite bout what I think 🙂

Fefey Lia adds and what is “mon ami”? My friend? 🙂

Muhammad Farid Hardigaluh honestly we dont stand a chance of being listened to. moreover, the area has been saturated with so many a theory. the theories may start from the most ridiculous ones to the ones equipped with wild-looking formulas

Muhammad Farid Hardigaluh mon ami is indeed my friend, mi amigo 😀

Fefey Lia says been saturated with so many a theory uh? (mode on this time: repeating the phrase out of both understanding of and liking to it)

Fefey Lia adds well then it’s too bad pal. I originally thought we could really make a (big) difference with our next-to-come kinda theory regarding this matter

Fefey Lia says I think nevertheless we can’t give up ya pal. We just make up one to contend that most widely adopted “The Big Bang” theory aja.

Muhammad Farid Hardigaluh ?….and that needs one helluva lot of time 😀
But, let’s!!

Fefey Lia suggests let me begin this way: let’s put forward the idea that instead of the big explosion happening “by itself” and therefore denying God’s role in the process, it is actually commanded by God to happen. That is, the explosion is instructed by God to occur (read: “Kun”, i.e., be it). So it’s God-initiated. Only after this does the process continue with the expanding, enlarging, and everything (read: “Fayakun”, that is, it be). Now your first job is to see how God best fits into our scheme of theory so as to make it sound scientific still (Remember: we gotta make one hell of a theory so heaven that even disbelivers in God have to believe in this!)

Muhammad Farid Hardigaluh Lemme put it this way. there’s smthg called force that moves matters in the universe. I strongly believe the so-called force is actually Him, the superforce. the explosion was surely triggered by a gigantic force. i know that my shallow disposition hasnt touched all the bases but i believe it’s a strong ground on which we can stand

Fefey Lia says so force, superforce, gigantic force, Him. I like these. We’re getting somewhere here. All right. Good job pal, ur, bro. I’m thinking ‘The Superforce-Triggered Bang’ or something. At least, to begin with 🙂

Fefey Lia offers too ‘The Superforce-Initiated Bang’; thus ‘SIB’ (read: As I Be, says the universe, because my Superforce, i.e., God says and makes so). Wow! I think we got it! We did!

Fefey Lia says this reminds me of what our Director of Academic Affairs once said: “Great minds think alike.” I want this to be true of and to us to bro hehe

Fefey Lia says let me rephrase it (one more time again hehe): ‘The Superforce-Initiated Bang’; thus ‘SIB’ (read: As I Be, says the universe, because my Superforce, i.e., God says “Be it”). And with this your said “Scientists believe that time and space respectively started and created at the time of explosion” can fit smoothly. Wow! I think we got it! We did! We did it! We did it! We did it! (mode on: remembering past years’ Indra’s Dora episodes)

Fefey Lia emphasizes: Great minds DO think alike. We say “adios grammar, welcome universe.”

Muhammad Farid Hardigaluh Yeah, scientists usually get of divine intervention; therefore they replace divinity with fancy terms! hehehe.

saying adios to grammar? hmmm, grammar has always been my beloved mistress Bud xixixi

Fefey Lia says now we can start proving that this great Hawking is wrong. The big explosion could not have been spontaneous and so “by itself”, but was initiated by this unknown (actually, course, known) Superforce, that is, non other than God. This way we’re putting God into our scheme of alternative creation theory (The Superforce-Initiated Bang–or SIB) in such a way that He is not explicitly mentioned so as to attract those who disbelieve in God. Allllllrighttttt!

Fefey Lia quotes “they replace divinity with fancy terms!” In our contending theory, we do not REPLACE, but REPRESENT God with, by, or through Superforce (big S). Now THAT’s how we are different hehe (FYI: Do check my newest status; I’m making our theory public hehe)

Muhammad Farid Hardigaluh ?….and fortunately, many formulas in physics involve F(orce): F=M.a, F being Force, M mass, a acceleration. Sooo, He’s indeed omnipotent n ubiquitous 🙂

I already checked ur newest status. Very well put, Bud!

Fefey Lia says may the force, ur, Force be with us…

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