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(Posting on words of wisdom and the likes; prepared for our partner school; by one NEB) Once a partner teacher of our partner school requested us to provide them with some words of wisdom, slogans, or mottos they would put up on sign boards around their school compound, and we […]

Powerful Words, Beautiful Rhymes

(Posting pengumuman; sharing ide keempat layanan di atas; semua layanan dilakukan oleh seorang NEB) Kami memberikan keempat layanan profesional di atas dengan gambaran sbb.: 1. Revising dan editing pada dasarnya adalah perbaikan sebuah teks lebih kepada aspek bahasa dan bukan isi atau substansinya. 2. Proofreading adalah pengecekan sebuah teks untuk […]

Tentang ‘Revising’, ‘Editing’, ‘Proofreading’, dan ‘Narrating’ Teks

(Posting on a piece of announcement; points to share; interpreting done by one NEB) Based on our professional service of interpreting, we would like to share the following points on interpreting that may be beneficial to those who wish to join in this challenging undertaking: 1. Interpreting is spontaneous and […]

On Interpreting