Pride in and Expectations from Becoming a Nursing Major Student

(A college-enrollment essay; written and submitted by a student, Ersi Hermayanti as part of requirement to enter University of Indonesia Nursing Major; writing trained by one NEB; scored an A)

Continuing study for those who already work offers a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages. The advantages usually come from the fact that those already-employed people take majors or study programs related to their field of work. So the knowledge and expertise they get from their study can later be directly applied in their job when they finish their study and return to their workplace. The disadvantages would usually be from their practical side rather than professional one. So these can be ignored. Some examples would be time away from the family, more burden to deal with, more finance to secure, etc. Counting more blessings in a chance to be able to continue my study, at least I think there are 3 things I can expect from this study and also take pride in.

Firstly, I can actualize myself and develop my potential in the area of nursing skills. I have had some experience taking care of patients at the hospital where I work, but that experience alone would not give me much knowledge and skills in nursing. More and more knowledge and skills in that field are disseminated on a regular basis due to the development of medical sciences in general and nursing skills in particular. By continuing my study to specialize in this, I can learn more about nursing and later implement it in my work.

Secondly, I can give myself a better chance of promotion to a higher position in my job. So it serves as a kind of investment for the future. It is widely known that—professionally speaking—only people with enough experience and expertise in their job will stand a greater chance of promotion. This is in a big portion shown by the academic credentials that they have. And academic credentials can only be obtained through formal study. Those who do not have this advantage will not be considered. So by continuing my study further to a higher level, I prepare to put myself into that line of people who possess both experience and credentials so as to win a better position in my job at my hospital.

Lastly, I can contribute something to the development of medical sciences in general and nursing skills in particular also. In the previous part I explained about my learning new knowledge and skills I can later bring to my job upon finishing. Yet it is also possible that I have some experience, knowledge, and skills that are unique of our cases at our hospital that I can share with others during my study in our class discussions, workshops, seminars, etc. And finally this way I can contribute something no matter how little to the development of medical sciences and nursing skills.

To conclude, further study in the nursing major of the University of Indonesia for me offers more advantages than disadvantages. Putting aside the disadvantages, I have given 3 advantages in the previous part of this essay. So I will put all my efforts to it to achieve a success. Only this way can I make all those above expectations become a reality.

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