No Grammar in Conversation?

(A posting on a special note; by one NEB)

One of my colleagues says she’s afraid of making mistakes in grammar while having a conversation. I say to her the following, giving her 5 important lessons based on some points in an article here

1. Lesson 1: In conversation grammar is reduced and simplified; those who don’t know about this think that this way conversation has no grammar.
‘If not yet, continue’ instead of ‘If you’re not yet finished, you can continue’

2. Lesson 2: In conversation sounds are linked; and linked sounds don’t constitute forms that make up grammar.
/k3mAnin Amweidin/ instead of /kAm on in Ai em weiting/ for ‘Come on in; I am waiting’

3. Lesson 3: In conversation meaning is No. 1; and meaning goes way beyond forms that constitute grammar; it’s made context-based.
‘Was’ instead of ‘Yes, I was married’ as a response to the question ‘Are you married?’

4. Lesson 4: You use what’s in lessons 1, 2, and 3 deliberately, not indiscriminately; that’s why some learning may be necessary.

5. Lesson 5: You got me to teach you all that 😉

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