Social Responsibility of Nursing Major Students of the University of Indonesia (UI) to the Society and Country

(A college-enrollment essay; written and submitted by a student, Ersi Hermayanti as part of requirement to enter University of Indonesia Nursing Major; writing trained by one NEB; scored an A)

As a general rule, university students are expected not only to gain knowledge and skills from their learning at the university, but also far more than that to contribute to the society through service, social work, and the likes. This is only fair because society is where the students come from and return to after their study. Professional work upon finishing study and graduation is of course what every university student desires, but doing something for the society in between their study giving service, social work, etc. is an absolute must. Given my nursing major, I think at least there are 3 things that nursing major students of UI can do to fulfill their social responsibility to the society.

To begin, they can provide free medical or nursing service to the poor people living near the campus. There are still a lot of people living in Jakarta possibly those near UI who cannot afford proper medical service despite the fact that they may actually suffer from the diseases that are usually associated with the rich. In cases where these disadvantaged people cannot be treated by hospitals which directly demand money even upon registration, this is where the nursing major students of UI can come and play their part helping to treat them. This can be done on a regular basis so as to cater to and cover a bigger portion of population.

Next, they can provide free medical counseling to the poor people by coming to their respective homes or dwelling places. This is especially done to anticipate possible diseases that may spread in the area. After all, they say prevention is better than cure. Through this, these people can be trained to avoid the diseases at the lowest possible price they can afford. Compare this with if they have to go to the hospital after they get sick. They will spend a lot of money they do not even have at their disposal. I would say this is what the nursing major students should do more in an attempt to contribute their knowledge and skills to the society.

Last (and certainly least), if they have some sponsorship, they can establish some sort of a health or nursing clinic in or near their campus dedicated only to the poor people. If this can be done, this should be best because in many cases the disadvantaged people are more prone to diseases than they have more power and ways to avoid them. So an established campus health or nursing clinic can welcome sick patients comprising those poor people on a daily basis without the burden of having to come to them one by one. The students can help them more and better this way because some possibly space-occupying medical equipment that is not portable to take with them can always be made ready in place for use.

In conclusion, as part of the society, the nursing major students of UI are responsible to the society as it is where they come from and return to. To show this, they can fulfill their social responsibility doing programs helping the people especially the poor who have problems with their health but cannot afford to pay for the required medical service. The 3 above activities are highly recommended.

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