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(Posting on programs and services offered; by one NEB)

We are one English institution in Padalarang run by figures educated by fine universities in Bandung and forged by years of experience in the English field in various well-known institutions in Bandung. As such, we know exactly what we do and do best and claim to be the best English institution ever to hit Padalarang to contribute to the betterment and progress of education particularly in the English field here. Seeking to serve on our own as well as cooperate with prospective stakeholders from various learning institutions, companies, and government agencies, we offer programs and services that range completely wide from A to Z as far as English is concerned. They are—but not limited to—teaching; training; workshops, seminars, and studium generale; general translation and legal translation; interpreting; editing; proofreading; narrating; consulting; assistance and guidance; partnership; creative ideas: words of wisdom, etc.; and still others upon request. This way, never again should you turn to others for your various English needs. Just contact us! 🙂

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