Citing Your Own Works or Writings

(Posting on citing your own works or writings; by one NEB)

Once there was this person who said that you can’t quote or cite your own works or papers in your other paper to present unless you are a doctor or a professor. According to guidelines given by APA (American Psychological Association), though, there exist many sources you can cite besides books alone: articles, papers, recordings, movies, interviews, etc. Since APA doesn’t say anything about your not being allowed to cite your very own works, I say citing your works would just be fine because it means you know what you are writing about and that you have done something related to it before too 🙂 So in the paper I’ve written on collocation to present in the Int’l Conference 2015 in Yogya, I cite the following works of mine:

Antoni, F. & Radiana, I (2001, September). “Common mistakes students make and what it may suggest we should do to fix the problem: an account of advanced 4 students’ essay-writing workdrafts.” Paper presented at the Int’l Conference 2001, Jakarta.

Antoni, F. & Gunawan, M. H. (2005, December). “Incorporating local pragmatic norms into TEFL as a way both to put more meaning to it and to respect local cultures: how feasible?” Paper presented at the 53rd TEFLIN Int’l Conference, Yogyakarta.

Antoni, F. (2009, November). “Improving the teaching of Indonesian language: reflecting on students’ mistakes in their English discourse.” Paper presented at UNM Int’l Conference on Language Education, Makassar.

Antoni, F. (2010, April). “Teaching Our Very Own English: Ideas on Making It Not Look Foolish.” Paper presented at the Int’l Conference 2010, Bali.


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