Expats Speak Indonesian

(Posting on Indonesian-learning program offered to expats working or studying in Indonesia; by one NEB)

NE—NASBAT English agrees to the idea that it is only fair that expats working or studying in Indonesia should learn Indonesian so as to better communicate with Indonesian people on a daily basis. While not many Indonesians speak English actively in their daily life—given the fact that English is only a foreign language, being able to speak Indonesian and speaking Indonesian would certainly help foreigners here blend and socialize more with their Indonesian counterparts. For this reason, NE—NASBAT English offers an Indonesian-learning program to the said foreigners to equip them with the ability to speak non-formal and formal Indonesian. One example mentionable and worth mentioning here is Dr. Sangyoung PARK, team leader, Integrated Water Resources Management in The Citarum River Basin Project, Bandung http://nasbat-english.com/testimoni/. So, dearest valued expats, contact us asap for the program ya 🙂

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