Good News from IELTS(R) Programs

(Posting on good news received from IELTS(R) Programs; by one NEB)

Teaching various standard test programs, we’ve just received good news from one IELTS(R) student—after just taking one package of the said program:

“Pak Ferry, thank you very much for your IELTS lessons. I have just received my test score. Here are my results: Listening (8.5), reading (7), writing (5.5), speaking (7) and the overall band score is 7. I am happy to announce that my score is more than enough to meet the university requirement which is 6.5. Once again, thank you for your assistance. Best regards, …” (Eugenia Sonya Farenina, student of Bintang Mulia Senior High School Bandung; takes up English for IELTS(R) Skills program to increase her IELTS(R) score to continue her study in a graphic design program in either Singapore or Hong Kong).

Congrats and success in your next study abroad!

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