A Man with a ‘Greed’ in His Professional Creed

(Posting on one NEB with a ‘greed’ in his professional creed; by one NEB)

One NEB here is a man who has a ‘greed’ in his professional creed (read simply plainly: who does everything related to his field of expertise, English): teaching, lecturing, tutoring, training, presenting, translating (legal and formal documents), proofreading, editing, interpreting, narrating, being a public figure, managing an official page discussing educational issues, being an educational entrepreneur, running a professional site selling his ideas, criticizing schools for not teaching properly what students should know, excelling in his field of expertise offering improvement programs for English teachers and Indonesian teachers. He attempts to be invincible but means to be invisible (so that ‘They never see me coming’, Al Pacino playing John Milton in a famous movie).

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