Being Knowledgeable about Things Other Than Our Expertise

(Posting on being knowledgeable about things other than our expertise; by one NEB)

Indulging ourselves in our respective fields of expertise in a professional way does not erase the fact that we should be knowledgeable about bigger issues that surround ourselves on a larger scale in this world. Especially specially for us working in the realm of education, thinking skills and critical thinking skills that we teach our students must firstly empower ourselves to be able to relate ideas and events that happen around the world that show patterns and serve purposes. Don’t worry about us having to start at all, for there are well-meaning people out there who have begun this. We just have to listen to them, analyze, think, make up our own mind–still, and conclude. One of these brave honest people is movie director Oliver Stone. In the 90’s he directed the movie ‘JFK’, which I have in my collection. And now he has this to say about what he titles ‘Bush and Obama Age of Terror’

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