Promoting the 4 C’s in English Teaching and Learning

(Posting on promoting the 4 C’s in English teaching and learning; by one NEB)

In a presentation delivered to teachers, I raised a topic on using slides, diagrams, tables, graphs, prompts, etc. of ideas to promote the 4 C’s (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity) in English teaching and learning. Slides, diagrams, tables, graphs, prompts, etc. of ideas are effective to use because they require students to analyze, think (critically), relate ideas, and produce their understanding and interpretation in the language creatively—best collaborating with their partners doing this in their groups. All the 3 types of questions, namely, factual (e.g., What kinds of food come at the bottom of the diagram?), elaboration (e.g., Say something about fruits and vegetables!), and critical thinking (e.g., What would happen if you eat fat, oil, salts, and sweets most?) questions can be prepared and devised by the teacher in such a way that the students interact asking and answering these questions among themselves—based on a given slide or diagram—in their respective groups. Consider this diagram, for which the above sample questions are made:

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