Teaching Nouns: How Much Fun can It Be?

(Posting on teaching nouns and the fun it can get; by one NEB)

A piece of advice: When you teach (the nature and the use of) nouns in English in your class, be sure to attempt so in a fun yet effective way. Tell your students that, yes, nouns are either countable or uncountable. And when a noun is countable, and you use it in a general context, make it always plural (with the -s suffix). When another noun is uncountable, it remains so—unchanged. Tell them that there is this nice sticker stuck on the rear window of a fancy car with a couple of youths riding in it: ‘Girls don’t like boys; girls like their cars and money.’ Tell them that this is taken and adapted from a song. Tell them that there are more nouns in the song treated the same way. Tell them that the lyrics contain minor mistakes. Play the video, show the song. Later fix the mistakes (Remember, you are the more knowledgeable member of the community—your class). Just incredible! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0FmGwUDFf0.

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