Actor W. D. Mochtar Concerning His Breaking One Qur’anic Fixed Rule, Contending Rhoma Irama

(Posting on Actor W. D. Mochtar regarding his breaking one Qur’anic fixed rule, contending Rhoma Irama; by one NEB)

One good example here of a figure who understands the nature of Qur’anic verses commanding fixed rules to listen to and to obey (Sami’na wa Ato’na)—but he has to break one anyway while still knowing the consequences to his own self (here more like it than standard ‘himself’) and, therefore, not advocating it to others is this then-famous actor W. D. Mochtar, who is in this scene arguing about his drinking habits to Rhoma Irama, who plays a known devout Muslim, who sings to earn a living. W. D. Mochtar knows precisely that drinking is forbidden and is a sin and that he will never advocate it otherwise to others. He drinks it himself and faces the consequences himself too. Interestingly, he can critically and smartly confront Rhoma Irama with his singing. He maintains that Rhoma Irama does not sing to himself. He sings to his huge fans. He continues to say that—as such—while singing is still in a gray area between halal (allowed) and haram (forbidden), Rhoma Irama’s singing surely opens wide doors for evil deeds like earthly pride, dirty dancing, drinking, and free sex. He posits that THIS is more dangerous. This leaves Rhoma Irama dumbfounded. Just brilliant!

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