Attacking Young Liberal Muslims

(Posting on attacking young liberal Muslims; by one NEB)

There is nothing wrong with Islam; there is everything right about Islam. What could be wrong is how some Muslims interpret Qur’anic verses of rules—that are fixed—with ijtihad or logic or critical thinking. So now we have the following, for example, as a result. That is, while homosexuality is forbidden and is a grave sin in Islam, some people (read: liberated or liberal Muslims) argue that it be acknowledged and accepted for reasons they, of course, can make up logically. “Scott Kugle is a leading figure among the Muslim LGBT community and is deeply respected by them… He is just one of many Muslim dissenting voices who is challenging the status-quo in Islam. Irshad Manji, a Canadian Muslim lesbian, author and advocate for reform and a progressive interpretation of Islam, and feminists Amina Wudud and Kecia Ali, join the list of alternative interpreters” ( ‘Amazingly’, when they are given a chance to talk about this in a forum, an audience is willing to gather and listen to them as if they were real ulema recognized for their capacity and authority in Qur’anic verse interpretation. Who is silly? I think, while those liberal Muslims have their every right to interpret the already-fixed Qur’anic verses to their heart’s content, the informed audience at least has every right NOT to have to listen to them, let alone agree with them. They can walk out…

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