Don’t Advocate Breaking Qur’anic Fixed Rules to Others

(Posting on not advocating breaking Qur’anic fixed rules tp others; by one NEB)

If breaking a unanimously-understood-to-be-fixed Qur’anic rule and committing a (grave) sin with still a conscience of apparently doing so due to rebellion or own independent interpretation or ijtihad or logic or (critical) thinking is still ‘allowed’ in some way, it must be that you do it by yourself and for yourself, which, in any way, will not inflict others. It’s your own (mis)understanding. It’s your own fault. It’s your own mistake. You do not make others suffer because of that. One carries one’s own consequences of (mis)conducts, so it goes. But it would be different if you advocate it to others and for them to believe it your way and do it too. This will bring harm not only to yourself but also more so to others. Now THIS is what many liberally educated young change agent Muslims do. They speak in forums where a lot more other youths are present and listen and nod in agreement. THIS is dangerous…

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