The Nature of Qur’anic Verses Rendering Rules

(Posting on the nature of Qur’anic verses rendering rules; by one NEB)

When it comes to Qur’anic verses rendering rules, the attitude Allah the One God teaches us to have is ‘We listen and we obey’ (Sami’na wa Ato’na). There is no other interpretation but what is stated. It’s plain and simple: No ijtihad or logic or critical thinking is needed. If, for example, Allah the One God maintains that homosexuality is damned and is a grave sin, then it is fixed. It is forever so. Allah the One God allows us to think and to think critically only when it concerns verses suggesting signs and warnings. When, for example, Allah the One God says that the Jews, etc. are not happy with Muslims and Islam and will do everything they can to make Muslims convert and leave their already-perfect Islam religion, He means for us Muslims to have to think and to think critically as to what it really means. It is, here, therefore, that we layman Muslims have to learn and to resort to ulema and scholars with capacity and authority to guide us to best understand its underlying meaning and message. It would be misleading to interpret it in our own way down to, for instance, the fact that we have to kill Jews for no apparent reason whenever and wherever we meet them…

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