Teaching Speaking Formally Using Slides of Ideas

(Posting on teaching speaking formally using slides of ideas; by one NEB)

One effective technique for teaching speaking formally to students is by using slides of ideas that they have to present. You teach all that you know you have to teach. Students then begin with explaining the ideas roughly briefly; next they continue with elaborating them. For example, I use this slide to teach my sharia bank compliance director and middle-ranking police officer students. One of them begins this way:

“OK. I will present the differences between lateral leaders and conventional leaders. Let me begin with the first aspect: Lateral leaders communicate through open discussion, while conventional leaders communicate through memos and email. I think this is true. But, from my experience, I use both of them…” http://educationinnovation.typepad.com/.a/6a00d83533a43669e200e5546f29b08834-pi.

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