Still Another Plagiarism Is Found

(Posting on yet another plagiarism found; by one NEB)

Another plagiarism is found—after similar practices were detected in the not-so-remote past. This time it is committed by an English Department student named Juli Agustina Harahap of a university in Riau dubbed UIN Suska Riau The writings and articles plagiarized are ours on self-recording and, these stolen to help her write and finish her paper in order to graduate from the university and obtain her title. How Ms. Harahap plagiarizes our said articles is that she quotes some part and acknowledges the source, but she takes even more section without due acknowledgement rendered. She does this in the first part of her Chapter II on Review of Related Literature (Starting page 18). From “It is good… environment” (the end of paragraph 1), she steals this part. From “Then, they record… verbal behavior” (the end of paragraph 2), she acknowledges the source. From “There are… take some time” (the end of paragraph 3), she takes this and claims it to be her own again. So this is how it works for her: If she wants to steal, she does; if she means to quote and acknowledge the source, she does. She does both. The writing supervisor is apparently not aware of this and does not have any mechanism put in place so as to be sure whether his writing student plagiarizes or not. The writing supervisor is deceived; the student is deceiving. “Plagiarism, a Failure in Education,” Alwasilah once wrote.

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