On Presenting Undertaking Classroom Action Research

(Posting on presenting conducting classroom action research; by one NEB)

On opening the first session on undertaking Classroom Action Research (CAR) for teachers, I went this way:

“… CAR is not to prove anything; CAR is to improve something. That something is your teaching.

If now ‘by CAR’ is probably the answer to the question: ‘How do you go to work?’, next time around by CAR will be the reply to the query: ‘How do you get to your destination of better teaching?’

Therefore, the spirit we are to boost is:

In CAR soon ah! It should be a bless for me.’

These are what to do with CAR we will discuss this (after)noon:
1. Undertake CAR.
2. Write the CAR report or paper.
3. Get to present the paper.

Btw, with regards to the third point of presenting papers, allow me also to render a little resume on myself here https://www.facebook.com/notes/ferry-antoni/experience-being-a-presenter-and-the-likes/10158143282160457.”

Only after that did I go on with my presentation…

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