On Scoring IELTS(R) Speaking Test Closely

(Posting on scoring IELTS(R) speaking test as closely as possible; by one NEB)

In an IELTS(R) speaking test scoring moderation dissemination, I differed from others in scoring a sampled testee’s speaking in that I made it like I scored my previous IELTS(R) private student in which I made it really close to the way the actual IELTS(R) tester actually scored her in the actual IELTS(R) speaking test that she later took. In the practice I scored her speaking an average score of 7.5. The actual IELTS(R) tester assigned her a 7. That’s pretty close. The workshop sampled testee performing equally well in my assessment, I scored his speaking a 7, while others scored him a 6 even 5. I know where I should stand. My said IELTS(R) private student’s testimonial goes as follows:

– Eugenia Sonya Karenina, student of Bintang Mulia Senior High School Bandung; takes up English for IELTS(R) Skills program to increase her IELTS(R) score to continue her study in a graphic design program in either Singapore or Hong Kong:

“Pak Ferry, thank you very much for your IELTS lessons. I have just received my test score. Here are my results: Listening (8.5), reading (7), writing (5.5), speaking (7) and the overall band score is 7. I am happy to announce that my score is more than enough to meet the university requirement which is 6.5. Once again, thank you for your assistance. Best regards, …”

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