English among Father, Brother, and Son(s): Shared Interest

(Posting on English among a father, his brother, and his son(s) as a shared interest; by one NEB)

Chips of the old block: Younger brother Ade Purna Nugraha took up English as a major and expertise and obtained his master’s degree just recently; teaches at various universities; is made the Board of experts of NE—NASBAT English. Eldest son Indra Cipta Putra Mandiri has learned English from as early as 3 years old within the confine of home immediate environment; presented his topic on dinosaurs at his 5th grade in front of senior high and university higher intermediate 4 students; scored 567 on the TOEFL(R) at his 8th grade; finished his highest English level of higher intermediate 4 at his 10th grade; takes a debating club extra at his senior high; is dubbed the icon of NE—NASBAT English. The youngest Imam Ali Zainal Abidin at his 1st grade now bothers himself more with correct spellings of words that he types and re-types in the Google and Youtube search bars to find images and videos; doesn’t yet mind sounds too much http://nasbat-english.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/FUNNYWOW_ade-purnug-hugh.jpg.

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