‘Greed’ in the Creed in-Deed

(Posting on doing all within my capacity and capability; by one NEB)

I don’t claim being able to do everything on my own—those things beyond my capacity and capability. When there is a leakage on the roof of my house, for example, I call one who is good at fixing roofs. When there is something wrong with our home electric appliances, I call another who is qualified for this kind of job. When my house walls need painting, I call still another who paints house walls. I respect these people for what they do and I pay them nicely. But when it comes to my field of expertise, I make those in need come to me; and I make sure that I do everything within my capacity and capability given the said expertise. I should excel. With English and all about English at my disposal, I have what I’d call this ”greed’ in the creed in-deed’: owning, heading, training, lecturing, teaching, translating, interpreting, editing, copy-editing, proofreading, narrating, presenting, adjudicating, consulting, and private-teaching. Nothing gets missed; I don’t get passed.

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