Plagiarizing of Our Writing Committed by a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

(Posting on plagiarizing of our writing committed by a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D); by one NEB)

Still another plagiarism is found—after similar practices were detected in the not-so-remote past. This time it is committed by a Ph.D-degree lecturer of a university abroad. Our paper she stole is titled “Local Pragmatic Norms in Students’ English: An Identity to Unleash”. This stolen paper turns out to be published in these journals: International Journal of Strategic Research in Education, Technology and Humanities and African Research Review online without the editors’ even slightly knowing and realizing that it is plagiarized and that it is published in 2 different journals under the same title and content…1926.22150.0.25734.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.50.4637…0j0i131k1j0i22i30k1j0i22i10i30k1j0i19k1j33i22i29i30k1j33i160k1j33i21k1.0.72w_1m_R1dQ.

Our NEB originally wrote and sent the paper for presentation at the 19th MELTA International Conference in Malaysia back in 2010, and the paper was entered into the conference proceedings (click the following link and choose researchgate nearly at the bottom; open the pdf file and see pages 9 and 972) The paper was also directly posted here

It was plagiarized and published in the abovementioned journals in 2015 and in 2017 respectively here or here and here finally here You can see fully how they compare in all these links here

The manner in which the author plagiarized our paper is as follows: She practically copied the whole paper, adding, modifying, and changing certain parts as necessary to suit her context of ‘research’. This is very unprofessional, unintellectual, and uncivilized, given her position as a highest degree-holder lecturer, senior lecturer.

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