Innovations in the Teaching of Simple Present Tense and Simple Past Tense Combined

(Posting on a seminar or conference abstract category 1; by one NEB)

Two most important tenses in English are simple present tense and simple past tense. The teaching of these 2 tenses has always been made separate. Usually it begins with simple present, the belief being that this is easier and earlier acquired; then this is followed by simple past, supposedly building on the first. The fact shows that despite teaching the 2 tenses in the said order, the teacher hasn’t made students able to use these 2 tenses appropriately. Students tend to mix these 2 tenses up. The workshop will show that simple present and simple past are actually related and that, therefore, the teacher should teach these 2 tenses in a package. The workshop will show the teacher the innovative way of explaining simple present and simple past, then working on cases suggesting simple present and simple past, and finally contemplating on how this will work in their own teaching and classes (Sent to and accepted for presentation at the GESS Indonesia Conference 2018 in Jakarta; the previous year I was featured in their promotional video here min 5:07

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