Teaching Students Product Writing Vs Process Writing

(Posting on teaching students product writing vs process writing; by one NEB)

When it comes to teaching students writing, there exist 2 kinds we can teach: product writing and process writing. Product writing is writing based on a given writing genre product that we teach students to follow. It usually takes one teaching session. It does not take longer time than that. For example, if we mean to teach students to write a brochure, we begin with providing them a brochure example. We explain the format; we teach the language; we highlight the layout. After that we assign the students to write a brochure of their own.

Process writing, on the contrary, is writing that follows a certain genre but takes longer time to do. It cannot be completed in just one teaching session. It may take several teaching sessions. Usually taking the form of an essay, this writing requires the students to be able to outline ideas, to organize the ideas, to draft the writing, to revise the draft, and to produce the final version. This may in between the process demand the students to be able to quote others’ ideas properly, to paraphrase the ideas, and to acknowledge the source to back up their stance. It is, therefore, in this writing that the students should be taught to avoid plagiarism.

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