Teaching Students to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing in the ICT and Digital World: Lessons from Catching an African Ph.D-holding Senior Lecturer Plagiarist

(Posting on a seminar or conference abstract http://nasbat-english.com/2018/07/writing-abstracts-for-seminar-and-conference-presentation/ category 1; by one NEB)

Teaching writing is teaching students to be able to write their own ideas of their own thinking following the writing mechanics suited to the writing genre required. In today’s ICT and digital world, more importantly, teaching writing should especially go with training students to know about plagiarism and to avoid it. This is amidst the common practice students adopt when undertaking writing assignments, namely, finding information from various online sources applying the techniques of ‘download and save’, ‘copy and paste’, and ‘block, copy, and paste’ all easily leading to stealing other people’s works. Taking the example of plagiarism committed by an African Ph.D-holding senior lecturer towards the writer’s published article, the writer will in his paper discuss: 1). the nature and definition of plagiarism; 2). the kinds of plagiarism; 3). the manner of the said Ph.D senior lecturer’s plagiarizing acts; and 4). the ways for students to avoid plagiarism and to have confidence in their own works (Sent to and accepted for presentation at the LIA’s International Conference 2018 in Jakarta).

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