Writing Abstracts for Conference Presentations and Whole Papers

(Posting on writing abstracts for conference presentations and whole papers; by one NEB)

When talking about sending ideas for conference presentations, we have 2 kinds of abstract to write—this learning from the many abstracts I’ve written, sent, and had accepted (mind you, of course, that this ‘had accepted’ is from ‘had the many abstracts accepted’—a passive causative, the object omitted for not being necessary) for the said purpose https://www.facebook.com/notes/Ferry.Antoni.AR/academic-and-professional-experience/10158143282160457/:

1. Abstract sent to the seminar or conference abstract evaluation team. We can call this seminar or conference abstract. This is to win the said team’s hearts to accept our idea or topic of presentation. Being so, this is slightly different in format from the subsequent abstract (No. 2) in that it follows these steps: intro, topic and concern, plan of presentation.

2. Abstract topping the full paper. We call this paper abstract. This summarizes the paper’s content. As such, it covers these stages: intro, research or study and result, conclusion.

If we are to train teachers to send their ideas  for conference presentations, we should begin with teaching them to be able to write abstract No. 1 in order to win hearts and to have their ideas accepted. This should go with the knowledge that they have the idea or the topic within their reach of elaboration and writing into a full paper later.

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