Teaching Students to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing in the ICT and Digital World: Lessons from Catching an African Ph.D-Holding Senior Lecturer Plagiarist

(A presentation paper originally; by one NEB; left as such)


Plagiarism is more rampant and pervasive today. Not only students but also lecturers commit plagiarism. This is especially so in today’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and digital world with the culprit simply finding information from various online sources applying the techniques of ‘download and save’, ‘copy and paste’, and ‘block, copy, and paste’ all easily leading to stealing other people’s writing works. Taking the case of plagiarism seemingly committed by an African Ph.D-holding senior lecturer towards the writer and his partner’s published article, the writer formulates the research questions as follows:

1. On the surface level, what are the explicit signs suggesting that the said plagiarism has been committed?

2. Specifically, what categories of plagiarism have been committed?

3. Are there interesting points to note regarding the said committed plagiarism in addition to No. 2?

(Full version to be rendered later after the paper’s presentation).

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