Foreign Professor Misunderstood Me

(Posting on a foreign professor who misunderstood me)

So, for the umpteenth time, I presented a paper again at the LIA ICLC 2018 at Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel in Jakarta One important highlight of my presentation, which discussed plagiarism in the ICT and digital world, featured one Ph.D-holding senior lecturer plagiarizing my work, and recommended ways to train students to avoid plagiarism was this: There was this Japanese university professor who didn’t have a chance to attend my session but managed to come during the question-and-answer. And he misunderstood me.

Right after I emphasized something to my presenter partner, an Australian university Ph.D, roughly saying: “… Yes you can copy somebody else’s work, but then cite the source”, the professor raised his hand and said something about it breaking a copyright if the work is copyrighted. Apparently he took the word ‘copy’ to mean ‘photocopy’ 🙂 What I meant by ‘copy’ was simply ‘quote’.

Thus, I actually meant to say: “… Yes you can quote somebody else or somebody else’s work, but then cite the source.” I didn’t say anything about making (photo)copies of a copyrighted material, work, or book in my presentation. I didn’t want myself to be misunderstood, so after the question-and-answer session, I approached the professor and cleared things up. Everybody was happy: No one was harmed in any way during the deliberation of this 🙂

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