(Posting on the nature of CLIL)

CLIL? It’s short for ‘Content and Language Integrated Learning’. What kind of creature is it? Well, put in a simple way easy to understand, it’s this scenario: You’re an English teacher. You have a son. He goes to school—and course he learns English and studies Math at school. And you happen to know (a little) Math too.

So, at home you teach him fractions using English: ‘Sonnie, what do you know about fractions? See, for example, how do you say 2/3? You know what 6 divided by 3 is. How do you divide 2 by 3? That is, what is 2 divided by 3?’, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p33BYf1NDAE. THIS is CLIL—whether you realize it or not.

You teach a Math content using English, and chances are you will teach and improve his English too. C LIL this way easily beginning at home LOL, now you picture yourself adopting and adapting it to classroom teaching practices. You know you will teach: a). a content and b). all the language (terms, vocab, expressions, grammar, etc.) going with that.

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