Speech on Education in Finland

(Posting on a speech on good sides of education in Finland; edited and translated from its Indonesian source for a senior high school student client needing to deliver this in English)

Thank you for the opportunity.

I am assigned to talk about education in Finland.

OK, so, we know that education is very important. Education is what makes a country both civilized and developed. Without education, a country will only be left behind and alone in the world’s tight competition. But now I am not going to discuss our Indonesia’s education. I will describe education in Finland. Hopefully we can learn some things from it. I will focus on 3 important aspects of Finnish education that we can learn to improve ours.

First, schools in Finland come where students need them most. This means that schools are built where potential students live. Students do not have to go far to schools built away from their homes. And in a case where schools are far, transportation to go there is provided free for students. Schools built near students’ homes give them an easy access to be there on time. Students can avoid possible traffic jams that keep them long on the street and diminish their spirit to study.

Second, teachers in Finland are competent. They are graduates of suitable universities and proper majors to be able to teach well. They focus on their teaching. They assume full responsibility for training their students. They are not distracted by the many administrative and bureaucratic procedures that take their time away from the class. Teachers like these will make students learn best.

Third, schools in Finland reserve the autonomy that they need to advance their teaching practices. Schools can be creative, developing their own materials and methods to teach their students best. The broad curriculum only guides them, not dictates them. Schools have all the chance and opportunity to try out their own beliefs and learn from them. Once they make mistakes, they can correct them promptly.

To conclude, Finnish education displays many good aspects that we can take. I think it is school autonomy that we need to adopt here more. Our schools should be made free to decide on what to study for their students. Students only have to learn what they need.

Thank you for your attention.

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