Mengembangkan Kreativitas dan Inovasi Berbahasa Inggris melalui Proses ‘Compounding’

(Posting tentang mengembangkan kreativitas dan inovasi berbahasa Inggris melalui proses‘compounding’)

Pada tingkat yang (lebih) tinggi, kreativitas dan inovasi berbahasa Inggris dapat dilakukan melalui proses ‘compounding’, yaitu proses mengawinkan dua atau lebih kata menjadi kata atau frasa majemuk yang seringkali menggunakan tanda hubung strip (-).

Kata-kata yang dikawinkan dengan tanda strip ini menjadi kata atau frasa majemuk yang berfungsi seperti satu kata saja: kata kerja, kata benda, atau kata sifat. Dan ia dapat dikembalikan kepada bentuk aslinya. Perhatikan contoh-contoh cetak tebal berikut: Kata-kata cetak tebal dalam kurung adalah bentuk aslinya:

She was love-stricken (She was stricken by love).

Our current economy is market-driven (Our current economy is driven by the market).

You should fact-check the info before you share it (You should check the info with regards to its facts before you share it).

The number of COVID-19 cases in America is sky-rocketing (The number of COVID-19 cases in America is rocketing to the sky).

Fruits are vitamin-rich (Fruits are rich in vitamins).

That girl over there is angel-like; no wonder her parents named her Angelica (That girl over there is like an angel; no wonder her parents named her Angelica).

The man had this love-thirst nature (The man had this nature of thirst for love).

The student was a just 9-year-old boy (The student was just a boy who was 9 years old).

He is short-haired, small-eyed, and big-chested (He has short hair, small eyes, and a big chest).

The question is mind-boggling (The question boggles my mind).

The job is money-promising (The job promises a lot of money).

It was a never-ending story (It was a story which never ended).

He attended this go-crazy party (He attended this party where everyone could go crazy doing things).

They are preparing a get-together for next week (They are preparing a function where they will get together next week).

They gave the project a go (They decided that we could go with the project).

It is a buy-now-pay-later purchasing mode (It is an alternative purchasing mode: You can buy now and pay later).

We train not-a-skill-but-a-tool English; we dub it NASBAT English (We train English which is not a skill but a tool; we dub it NASBAT English).

– Dan masih banyak lagi.

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