(Posting tentang pelatihan berpikir dalam pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris; oleh seorang NEB) Keterampilan berpikir (thinking skills) adalah penting dalam pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris. Ini tidak hanya dalam membahas topik tertentu dalam kegiatan diskusi—misalnya, tapi juga dalam mempelajari pola dan aturan Bahasa Inggris itu sendiri. Ini sebaiknya mengadopsi tahapan kognisi dalam Taksonomi Bloom […]

Pelatihan Berpikir dalam Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris

(Posting tentang semua kata yang bisa berfungsi sebagai kata benda; oleh seorang NEB) Ada 3 jenis kata penting dalam (belajar) Bahasa Inggris: kata benda (Noun—N), kata kerja (Verb—V), dan kata sifat (Adjective—Adj). Kata keterangan (Adverb—Adv) tidak dianggap terlalu penting karena ia umumnya dibentuk dengan menambahkan akhiran –ly saja kepada kata […]

Semua Kata Bisa Menjadi Kata Benda

(Posting on plagiarizing of our writing committed by a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D); by one NEB) Still another plagiarism is found—after similar practices were detected in the not-so-remote past. This time it is committed by a Ph.D-degree lecturer of a university abroad. Our paper she stole is titled “Local Pragmatic […]

Plagiarizing of Our Writing Committed by a Doctor of Philosophy ...

(Posting on understanding the form and function of reduced adjective and adverbial clauses; by one NEB) In English there exist reduced adjective and adverbial clauses that still express complete meanings. The principle is simple: if two clauses of especially the same subject—even of different subjects—are close to each other in […]

Understanding the Form and Function of Reduced Adjective and Adverbial ...

(Posting tentang penggunaan gerund (-ing) vs to infinitive; oleh seorang NEB) Pengajaran grammar atau structure sehubungan dengan penggunaan gerund (kata benda dari kata kerja diberi –ing) vs kata kerja awal to infinitive (to) sekarang tidak bisa lagi saklek dan robotik seperti dulu. Pengajarannya mesti mengikuti perkembangan zaman dan panduan kurikulum […]

‘Gerund’ Vs ‘To Infinitive’

(Posting on using texts to teach grammar; by one NEB) The con-text of grammar is the text (Adapted from Agustien 2015). I use texts to teach many grammar aspects to my TOEFL(R) students. As they analyze the said grammar aspects—understanding how they work and how they can potentially be tested […]

Using Texts to Teach Grammar Aspects

(Posting on the case of General Nurmantyo’s being denied entry to the US and program of English for military officers; by one NEB) General Nurmantyo’s being denied entry to the US is an insult to Indonesia and especially its military institution. Whatever happened afterwards: apology from the US ambassador and […]

General Nurmantyo, go, yo!*)

(Posting on NE—NASBAT English also being the Center for Critical Thinking; by one NEB) Critical thinking is one important skill that must be trained. It is an ability that cannot be acquired naturally; it should be nurtured in education. And as (critical) thinking is realized in language—and, therefore, they both […]

Center for Critical Thinking

(Posting on training speaking to such professionals as managers and directors; abstract sent to GESS Indonesia to apply to speak at their conference in Jakarta this coming September 2017 and warmly accepted—this adds to my already-long list of being a presenter; by one NEB) Professionals such as managers […]

Training Speaking to Such Professionals as Managers and Directors