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(Posting on a speech on good sides of education in Finland; edited and translated from its Indonesian source for a senior high school student client needing to deliver this in English) Thank you for the opportunity. I am assigned to talk about education in Finland. OK, so, we know that […]

Speech on Education in Finland

(Posting on the nature of CLIL) CLIL? It’s short for ‘Content and Language Integrated Learning’. What kind of creature is it? Well, put in a simple way easy to understand, it’s this scenario: You’re an English teacher. You have a son. He goes to school—and course he learns English and […]


(Posting on a seminar or conference abstract http://nasbat-english.com/2018/07/writing-abstracts-for-seminar-and-conference-presentation/ category 1; by one NEB) Two most important tenses in English are simple present tense and simple past tense. The teaching of these 2 tenses has always been made separate. Usually it begins with simple present, the belief being that this is […]

Innovations in the Teaching of Simple Present Tense and Simple ...

(Posting tentang pengajaran simple present dan simple past dalam satu paket; oleh seorang NEB) Simple present dan simple past selama ini selalu diajarkan sendiri-sendiri secara terpisah. Padahal sebenarnya kedua tense ini saling bertautan dan sebaiknya diajarkan bersamaan dalam satu paket. Ini karena, dalam kenyataannya, apa yang tidak masuk simple present […]

Pengajaran ‘Simple Present’ dan ‘Simple Past’ Sebaiknya dalam Satu Paket

(Posting tentang guru yang masih digugu dan ditiru; oleh seorang NEB) Hati-hati dengan apa yang pendidik, pengajar ucapkan (baik atau buruk) karena siswa akan mempunyai pilihan sendiri untuk mengingat atau melupakannya (selective recollection). Secara psikis, kata, tindak, dan laku yang paling baik dan paling buruklah yang akan diingat bahkan mengubah […]

Guru: Digugu dan Ditiru—Masih

(Posting on plagiarizing of our writing committed by a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D); by one NEB) Still another plagiarism is found—after similar practices were caught in the not-so-remote past. This time it is committed by a Ph.D-degree lecturer of a university abroad. Our paper she stole is titled “Local Pragmatic […]

Plagiarizing of Our Writing Committed by a Doctor of Philosophy ...

(Posting on the case of General Nurmantyo’s being denied entry to the US and program of English for military officers; by one NEB) General Nurmantyo’s being denied entry to the US is an insult to Indonesia and especially its military institution. Whatever happened afterwards: apology from the US ambassador and […]

General Nurmantyo, go, yo!*)

(Posting on NE—NASBAT English also being the Center for Critical Thinking; by one NEB) Critical thinking is one important skill that must be trained. It is an ability that cannot be acquired naturally; it should be nurtured in education. And as (critical) thinking is realized in language—and, therefore, they both […]

Center for Critical Thinking

(Posting on training speaking to such professionals as managers and directors; abstract sent to GESS Indonesia to apply to speak at their conference in Jakarta this coming September 2017 and warmly accepted http://www.gessindonesia.com/using-slides-tables-graphs-and-train-speaking-professionals—this adds to my already-long list of being a presenter https://www.facebook.com/notes/Ferry.Antoni.AR/experience-being-a-presenter-and-the-likes/10158143282160457/; by one NEB) Professionals such as managers […]

Training Speaking to Such Professionals as Managers and Directors