developing critical thinking

(A posting on NE—NASBAT English also being the Center for Critical Thinking) Critical thinking is one important skill that must be trained. It is an ability that cannot be acquired naturally; it should be nurtured in education. And as (critical) thinking is realized in language—and, therefore, they both are intertwined, […]

Center for Critical Thinking

(A fragment of a paper) Critical thinking is here defined as “reasonable reflective thinking that is focused on what to believe or do” (Ennis 1987: 9-26). Further, Norris and Ennis (1989) proposes dispositions of it. They assert that critical thinkers: – seek a statement of the thesis or question. – […]

On Nurturing Critical Thinking 2

(A popular article) Critical thinking is an issue dating back some 20 years ago, if we look at some books on that concept available on the market. This really shows that it is—as a matter of fact—not a new concept anymore now. But around that time, Indonesia was still under […]

On Nurturing Critical Thinking

(A presentation paper originally and so left as such; together with our partner, Muhammad Handi Gunawan, later published in the journal Dinamika of FKIP of UNSUR, the abstract of which is available here Background It may be argued that classroom teaching-learning practices have not yet optimally enabled students to […]

Enhancing Learners’ Critical Thinking Skills through Argumentative Essay Writing