enhancing speaking skills

(A posting on self-recording to enhance speaking skills; fragment of a presentation paper) It is believed that learning is best and most effective when learners learn from their own mistakes and odds that they realize and later fix by themselves. Self-recording enables language learners to do just this. They will […]

Self-Recording to Enhance Speaking Skills

(A posting on relating smartphones to recording for speaking practices; fragment of an article) Technically speaking, mobile phones having recording features are everywhere in the learners’ possession. The idea here is that learners record their voice using their smartphones talking about something of their choice: English-course topic, school-subject topic, current […]

Smartphones, Recording, and Speaking: How Are They Related?

(A research-based paper built on a presentation paper originally; left as such) Introduction Learning a foreign language, in this case English, is learning to use it. But in the case of Indonesia where English serves only as a foreign language as above-mentioned, it seems not always possible. To make things […]

Self-Recording as a Means of Promoting Independent Learning in ...

(An article) It is a good thing that there are now English courses available for learners to express themselves using English in. They can speak things, tell stories, describe people and objects, conduct discussions, sing songs, deliver speeches, have debates, etc. But the problem of students’ lacking a chance to […]

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