intensive reading

(A popular article; by one NEB) Efferent reading is reading without assigning feelings, emotions, and experience to the text. The sole purpose is to get the information required after the reading. This is pretty much a product-oriented reading, that is, reading with the expectation of gaining a residue of information […]

On Reading Kinds, Reading Stance, and The Likes

(A popular article; by one NEB) Reading is undoubtedly an activity that will open one’s mind about the outside world. This is true of both adults and children. Adults, especially those studying at college, read mainly because they are assigned to do so, as part of writing a report or […]

Free Voluntary Reading Activities

(Artikel populer; oleh seorang NEB) Orang bilang Cherish the past, atau Remember the good old days, juga The memories live on, serta istilah lain yang seragam. Ini menyiratkan hal-hal yang menarik di masa lalu yang sukar dilupakan karena keasyikannya waktu itu juga manfaat yang mereka rasakan sekarang. Kalau kita bawa […]

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