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(Posting on not advocating breaking Qur’anic fixed rules tp others; by one NEB) If breaking a unanimously-understood-to-be-fixed Qur’anic rule and committing a (grave) sin with still a conscience of apparently doing so due to rebellion or own independent interpretation or ijtihad or logic or (critical) thinking is still ‘allowed’ in […]

Don’t Advocate Breaking Qur’anic Fixed Rules to Others

(Posting on caution in re-interpretation of Qur’anic verses; by one NEB) Some Qur’anic verses are rules; others are signs or warnings; others are stories teaching moral lessons; still others are good news. When it comes to interpretation and re-interpretation of these verses of different categories, caution has to be closely […]

Caution in ‘Ijtihad’ or Re-Interpretation of Qur’anic Verses

(Posting on attacking young liberal Muslims; by one NEB) There is nothing wrong with Islam; there is everything right about Islam. What could be wrong is how some Muslims interpret Qur’anic verses of rules—that are fixed—with ijtihad or logic or critical thinking. So now we have the following, for example, […]

Attacking Young Liberal Muslims