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(Posting on the nature of watching television today; fragment of an article; by one NEB) Watching television today is different from that in the past. In the past there was only one station or channel. And this station was owned by the state, the consequence of which was that the […]

The Nature of Watching Television Today

(Posting on understanding television media representations; fragment of an article; by one NEB) According to Mursito B. M., reality in television is constructed in such a way that it is only chunks of the whole unified event in reality. Chandler asserts that this construction includes such aspects of reality as […]

Understanding How Television Represents Reality: Media Representations

(Posting on using media literacy to stay informed; fragment of an article; by one NEB) To be able to select which programs—especially on TV—are worth watching and which are not, based on the quality of the programs and the propaganda behind the programming, what is needed on the part of […]

Media Literacy as a Tool for Being Informed