public speaking skills

(Posting on 3 speaking or speech clubs; by one NEB) Different people have different clubs they get together in. Professionals have ‘Toastmasters’. American comedians have ‘Roastmasters’. Now, I’m thinking ‘Boastmasters’. The concept is basically the same: public speaking + (stand-up) comedy. Specifically, with ‘to boast’ meaning ‘to talk or write […]

Toastmasters, Roastmasters, and Now Boastmasters

(Posting on learning (public) speaking skills to produce fun and laughter; by one NEB) One good and effective way to learn (public) speaking skills that employ elements of play with words and sounds, exploitation of cooperative principle, (surprise) punch lines to produce fun, laughter, and giggles that you can apply […]

(Public) Speaking Skills to Produce Fun and Laughter