self-created language

(Posting on works on building blocks of language, creative language, or collocation; by one NEB; related link available here As far as building blocks of language, creative language, or collocation are concerned, there are 5 papers I have presented, the mode being that the latest work presented builds on […]

Works on Building Blocks of Language, Creative Language, or Collocation

(Posting on citing your own works or writings; by one NEB) Once there was this person who said that you can’t quote or cite your own works or papers in your other paper to present unless you are a doctor or a professor. According to guidelines given by APA (American […]

Citing Your Own Works or Writings

(Posting on a topic presented at an international conference; by one NEB) Presenting ‘creative language’: The creative language I mention here is what is formally and academically known as ‘collocation’, which is simply a group of words which belong together and which are accepted to be common and/or English-sounding as […]

‘Creative Language’