words that belong together

(Posting on works on building blocks of language, creative language, or collocation; by one NEB; related link available here http://nasbat-english.com/2015/04/citing-your-own-works-or-writings/) As far as building blocks of language, creative language, or collocation are concerned, there are 5 papers I have presented, the mode being that the latest work presented builds on […]

Works on Building Blocks of Language, Creative Language, or Collocation

(An abstract of paper presented at an international conference; by one NEB) Obvious from their especially written language, one feature of students’ language production which goes unnoticed—let alone analyzed—is their so-called ‘creative language’ (after one human language characteristics put forward by Chomsky [1965 and 1966], i.e., the creative aspect of […]

Students’ ‘Creative Language’ in Action: To What Extent Is ...