writing as a process

(Posting on teaching students product writing vs process writing; by one NEB) When it comes to teaching students writing, there exist 2 kinds we can teach: product writing and process writing. Product writing is writing based on a given writing genre product that we teach students to follow. It usually […]

Teaching Students Product Writing Vs Process Writing

(A presentation paper originally and so left as such; by one NEB; together with our partner, Muhammad Handi Gunawan, later published in the journal Dinamika of FKIP of UNSUR, the abstract of which is available here http://fkip.unsur.ac.id/jurnal/jurnal%20dinamika/files/ENHANCING%20LEARNERS.pdf) Background It may be argued that classroom teaching-learning practices have not yet optimally […]

Enhancing Learners’ Critical Thinking Skills through Argumentative Essay Writing