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(Posting tentang layanan penerjemahan dan lainnya) Alhamdulillah, di luar melatih berbagai program Bahasa Inggris, saya, selama kurleb 15 tahun, sudah menjadi satu dari sedikit penerjemah dokumen resmi dan formal (legal and formal documents) di Bandung yang telah menerjemahkan berbagai dokumen resmi dan formal utamanya dari Bahasa Indonesia ke Bahasa Inggris […]

Layanan Penerjemahan Dokumen Resmi dan Dokumen Formal serta Lainnya

(A posting on 3 speaking or speech clubs) Different people have different clubs they get together in. Professionals have ‘Toastmasters’. American comedians have ‘Roastmasters’. Now, I’m thinking ‘Boastmasters’. The concept is basically the same: public speaking + (stand-up) comedy. Specifically, with ‘to boast’ meaning ‘to talk or write about oneself […]

Toastmasters, Roastmasters, and Now Boastmasters

(A posting on learning (public) speaking skills to produce fun and laughter) One good and effective way to learn (public) speaking skills that employ elements of play with words and sounds, exploitation of cooperative principle, (surprise) punch lines to produce fun, laughter, and giggles that you can apply in your […]

(Public) Speaking Skills to Produce Fun and Laughter

(A posting on a famous professor and his student) Prof. Dr. A. Chaedar Alwasilah and his student, his admirer Ferry Antoni, who gets to mention and quote him on various occasions are by far the only 2 figures known and associated with UPI who are made ‘public figures’, each dedicated […]

Like Professor, Like Student

(A posting on one NEB with a ‘greed’ in his professional creed) One NEB here is a man who has a ‘greed’ in his professional creed (read simply plainly: who does everything related to his field of expertise, English): teaching, lecturing, tutoring, training, presenting, translating (legal and formal documents), proofreading, […]

A Man with a ‘Greed’ in His Professional Creed

(A posting on being knowledgeable about things other than our expertise) Indulging ourselves in our respective fields of expertise in a professional way does not erase the fact that we should be knowledgeable about bigger issues that surround ourselves on a larger scale in this world. Especially specially for us […]

Being Knowledgeable about Things Other Than Our Expertise

(A posting on promoting the 4 C’s in English teaching and learning) In a presentation delivered to teachers, I raised a topic on using slides, diagrams, tables, graphs, prompts, etc. of ideas to promote the 4 C’s (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity) in English teaching and learning. Slides, diagrams, tables, […]

Promoting the 4 C’s in English Teaching and Learning