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(A posting on the nature of CLIL) CLIL? It’s short for ‘Content and Language Integrated Learning’. What kind of creature is it? Well, put in a simple way easy to understand, it’s this scenario: You’re an English teacher. You have a son. He goes to school—and course he learns English […]


(A posting on a foreign professor who misunderstood me) So, for the umpteenth time, I presented a paper again at the LIA ICLC 2018 at Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel in Jakarta. One important highlight of my presentation, which discussed plagiarism in the ICT and digital world, featured one Ph.D-holding senior […]

Foreign Professor Misunderstood Me

(Posting tentang seorang Ph.D sebagai tangkapan terbesar kasus plagiarisme) Terkait isu plagiarisme, capaian terbesar saya sampai sejauh ini adalah menangkap seorang Ph.D perguruan tinggi Afrika yang memplagiat (hampir) utuh (verbatim) tulisan ilmiah saya. Beliau sudah saya tuntut. Dua jurnal ilmiah internasional pemuat tulisan plagiat beliau sudah saya beritahukan. Tulisan plagiatnya […]

Seorang Ph.D: Tangkapan Terbesar Kasus Plagiarisme