‘Tumbuh Terus’ Vs ‘Terus Tumbuh’

(A posting on tumbuh terus vs terus tumbuh)

So someone asked a question about the difference between tumbuh terus and terus tumbuh in our yahoogroup of translators. Some replies came up, but I think mine stood out, and so it was (the) most valued. And I went as follows:

Tumbuh terus is a verb phrase, that of v + adv with tumbuh being the headword, thus grow unstoppably, grow uncontrollably, grow fast, grow quickly and possibly some others depending on the context.

Terus tumbuh may firstly just be the same as above, but the adv is put at the beginning (as a pre-modifier) with the headword being tumbuh still, thus unstoppably grow, uncontrollably grow, fast grow, quickly grow.

Secondly, terus tumbuh can also be seen as a v + v string with the headword now being terus, thus keep growing, continue growing, continue to grow.

In short, I think it’s the context of the use of each word that we have to consider. And, so, the guidance here to follow is: know which word you mean to be the headword, which you intend to be the modifier, and which can be both a verb and an adverb 🙂

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