The West’s Kind of Freedom

(A short article on the West’s kind of freedom of speech and freedom of expression)

Given the previous commemoration of the birth of Prophet Muhammad SAW and Pres. Macron’s defense of the Muslim-angering Prophet caricature, it is fitting to say that you will never understand the especially here West’s mind regarding freedom of speech and freedom of expression (FoSaFoE).

Their FoSaFoE will never be based on even their best understanding of racism, hate speech, and the likes when it comes to going against Muslims and Islam. This is not only because they are secular and liberal, but also more so because they just don’t like Muslims and Islam as it’s stated clearly in the holy Qur’an.

This presents a dilemma to especially Muslim brothers and sisters (MBaS) who live in Western countries by way of especially recent migration. On the one hand, those Western countries seem nice welcoming them to their countries; on the other, the said MBaS don’t appear to understand the countries’ different ways of life, belief, and mind.

It is when clashes such as above occur that MBaS are made aware of such differences. Perhaps it is too late now. They have lived there in the alien countries for too much a while to go back. They have to face the dire consequences.

For MBaS thinking to migrate to the foreign countries, it is best for them to think twice about the decision. And this is also food for thought for neighboring Muslim countries to want to better choose to harbor their brothers and sisters of the same faith than to let them go astray fleeing to the foreign countries.

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